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Here at Transmission Room we have taken the Covid situation very seriously and have adhered to all H&S recommendations.  We have hand sanitiser and cleaning materials in both our rooms, control room, toilets etc for customers use.  We encourage you to do so. 


We also ensure all rooms are cleaned and disinfected before every band.  All of our mics are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes before and after every use.  However, we encourage people to use their own microphones where possible.


We kindly ask if you have any doubts as to your health then please do not risk yourself or the studio by coming in.


We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel late we reserve the right to charge you.  However, we understand how bands work (we’re in bands too you know) and if re-booking or re-arranging we may waive the cancellation fee.  This is at our discretion.


Accidents happen so please if you damage anything then please let us know immediately.  We rarely charge for damages and are happy to fix things at our cost where we understand nothing was deliberate.


We have equipment for hire and items in our wee shop.  Teas and coffees, if offered, are free otherwise we make a small charge to cover our costs.Finally, here at the studios we strive to do whatever we can to assist our customers.  We are fully qualified in all aspects of recording and rehearsal equipment and are only happy to help where required.

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